What is the role of a project manager?

Construction, extension or renovation of your home in the Alps will probably be one of the most significant projects that you undertake.  As project manager Simon Jones will:


  • Organise, manage and supervise all aspects of a construction / renovation project throughout it’s duration
  • Ensure that all contractors comply with the law in reference to assurance decennale
  • Understand & anticipate client needs and above all protect clients’ interests at all times
  • Be your point of contact throughout the process from initial concept to completion
  • Ensure a completely stress-free building experience for the client


As project manager Simon Jones will overcome the potential pitfalls of building in the Alps by his knowledge and experience of:


  • National & local building regulations
  • Due process
  • Local contractors
  • Tendering
  • Liaison with the local mairie and services des techniques
  • Liaison with utility companies including ERDF, Lyonnaise des Eaux
  • Insurance
  • VAT (TVA) relief on renovation work


As project manager Simon Jones will get contractors to dove-tail effectively which will:


  • Ensure that the trades involved all work in harmony with one another
  • Allow your project to come in on time
  • Allow your project to come in on budget
  • Allow your project to be cost-effective
  • Ultimately deliver significant savings on your project


Award-winning architect Piers Taylor on the role of a project manager:

“It’s a highly sophisticated role putting together a set of trades in a really efficient way and making sure that they dovetail together.  It’s a really sophisticated thing to do – to control and sequence the trades as they happen.  It’s a skilled task and you need experience and building knowledge to be able to do that effectively.  My worry is that the client does not have that and does not know how complicated it is – that’s why I’m very concerned that things could soon spiral out of control”