Ste Foy Chalet Renovation & Extension

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Ste Foy Chalet Renovation & Extension

Project Details:

Accessible only from the ski piste this Ste Foy chalet renovation project was delivered in 2014.  Extension of the chalet & a total reconfiguration of the interior over 4 floors.  Complete rip out of internal structure back to bare stone walls, including all floors, window openings, stairwells, electrics, plumbing, mains drainage, wooden terracing.  Extensive external works including earthworks & foundations, roofing (slate), stone terracing.


This Ste Foy chalet renovation presented several challenges, not least it’s location as it was accessible only via the ski piste. Timescale: a late instruction (June) given the extent of works.

Contractors to co-ordinate:

Demolition, earthworks, foundations, masons, engineer, plumber, electrician, internal glass specialists, chimney specialist, fireplace specialist, tilers and marble suppliers, carpenters, kitchen fitters, wine store consultant, glaziers – windows & doors, sandblasting, lasure stain, plastering, decorating.  All of these contractors were involved in this Ste Foy chalet renovation.

Project Brief:

The Ste Foy chalet renovation brief was:

Chalet Extension

Complete rip out of entire internal structure

Removal of all floors, stairs, windows

New internal floors, walls, openings

Fit out

Creation of terrace

Creation of exterior stairwell



All of the following categories were part of the Ste Foy chalet renovation:






Stone Masonry

Steel work

Fireplace specialist





Painting & decorating

Architect? Yes

Structural Engineer: Yes